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The Sacred Art of Journaling

Journal writing is a powerful and sacred self-improvement tool. When one picks up a pen to do journal writing, what is written on the page comes straight from the mind and heart without being tampered with. There is nothing like seeing your words come to life on a page. When you do journaling, you get a realistic view of what really lies within you, what your thoughts are and how you feel.

I believe everyone should have a safe place to express themselves without judgement or ridicule and journaling is the perfect way to do so. Within a private journal, you have a trusted confidante. It is up to you to keep the journal in a safe place.

Journaling can be fun and you can express your creativity and individuality by selecting the perfect journal for you. It does not have to fancy or expensive, just one that feels good for you. The right journal should speak out to you and you will know it when you see it. The design and texture of the journal should not only reflect who you are but also should give you immense pleasure when holding it and in return writing in it. This makes a big difference in how often you will use it. For it to be effective, you do have to use it regularly.

The act of writing your thoughts down on paper, gives them legitimacy. It is a great time to really get to know yourself and take your hopes, dreams, and wants seriously. Journaling has been known to heal broken hearts, help with bereavements, achieve goals, and has been a great source of strength for people undergoing certain changes. You do not have to feel obligated to write every day, but it is a good idea to try even if it is just a short paragraph or two.

Why not get started on your journaling journey today by starting a journal of your own. Do you journal already? If so how often and how has journaling helped you thus far? I would love to hear your journey.

Holistic Mind

What We Can Learn From Super Happy People

Do you know a person who always seems happy and positive about life and everything in general? They never seem to have a problem and seem to be able to deal with things in life with composure and grace. Do you wish you were more like them? Do you find them annoying? Or do you wish you were able to deal with your life circumstances like they do?

Even if things are going wrong, these people have a way of seeing life as being “glass half full” and find something positive to focus on. This way of viewing life is natural for some people, but for the majority of people who use this approach to life, it is a learned response. It results from making an intention to look at the positive and not to dwell on the negative and then practising doing this.

Sounds easy when it’s on paper, but in the reality of life, it’s usually not. So, how do people learn to focus on the glass-half-full and not the half-empty and remain positive? It’s not easy to be thankful when faced with difficult circumstances. However, practising gratitude can help us deal with all but the most difficult experiences we may face in our lives. It is the key to the optimism that we see in the positive person we admire so much.

I am a strong believer in balance. It’s not all roses all the time and we have to take the rough with the smooth. Experience the good and the bad, that’s what makes us who we are, but what can we learn from these super happy people?
When we complain all the time, we can quickly lose our perspective.
Half-full glass thinking seeks to clarify a situation before complaining about it. It asks whether a complaint will make the situation better or worse and if it will help to resolve the issue. In most cases, the answer to both these questions is no! On those occasions where it is justified, then we should do something about it. A clear perspective on the situation can help us to resolve an otherwise irresolvable problem. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude helps us maintain a positive perspective on most things that happen in our life. It helps to keep the glass half-full even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Things we can learn from positive people.

Take a deep breath, all is not lost.
Get a clear understanding of the situation before complaining or making a judgement.
Practice gratitude and give thanks for what you have

Holistic Living, Holistic Mind

Essential Oils to Clear Negative Vibes

Now as you all know, I am kind of obsessed with essential oils as of recently. How amazing they are, the great benefits they have, and all of that great stuff in-betweenEach day I am uncovering even more mixtures & blends that complement each other to aid me for different purposes. Yesterday was a pretty heavy and emotional day and when I awoke this morning, I wanted to start a fresh day, with a clean state of mind and fresh vibes. I thought to myself, I wonder what mix of essential oils would be great in my diffuser for clearing negative vibes? The first thing that popped into my head was Frankincense. I knew frankincense would be great, I remember as a child my grandmother would burn frankincense around the house anytime she wanted to clear any bad vibes. Then I thought Peppermint! Yep peppermint for its mental clarity and potent pick me up. I considered Rosemary for its cleansing and calming purposes but was unsure. I did some research on all three essential oils and discovered that all three were in-fact the perfect combination for the task at hand. See below for this simple essential oils diffuser blend.

Essential oils blend to clear negative vibes

Fill your essential oils diffuser with water to its suggested fill level & place the following essential oils within your diffuser.

  • 4 drops of Frankincense
  • 4 drops of Peppermint
  • 2 drops of Rosemary

*please note I use a 300ml essential oils diffuser. If you use a lower capacity diffuser, or you are new to essential oils, I would suggest using fewer drops of essential oils however, try to keep the ratio.*


Benefits of Frankincense essential oil:

Stress reliever, as well as it being great for the immune system, oral health, scars & anti-aging.

Benefits of Peppermint essential oil:

Improves mental focus, boosts energy, great for colds, sinuses,natural energiser,  provides support for many allergies, cleansing, menstrual pains as well as hair growth, improving indigestion, and many more.

Benefits of Rosemary essential oil:

Excellent brain & nerve tonic that can boost mental clarity, stimulates mental activity, stress relief, improves memory, anxiety relief. As well as many beauty benefits.

Sources for benefits of oils:



Holistic Body & Beauty, Holistic Mind

Could I really do yoga?

I hear this question all the time. “Could I really do yoga?” “I’m not flexible enough.” “I have a bad back.” “I don’t think I have the patience.” And the answer is yes, yes and yes.

For beginners who are just starting to learn yoga, what really matters is perseverance and patience. It is the person’s attitude towards learning a new subject and the determination to see it through. Everything else will come naturally.

For yoga, there is no need to run out and get anything new to practice. Just some loose fitting clothes, a yoga mat, and a quiet practice place is enough to start with.

There is no right or wrong way to practice yoga, however yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach or about one or two hours after a full meal. It is important to use the bathroom, clean your nose and drink a glass of warm water 15 minutes before your start. (I mean nothing worse than finding a great yoga position and then realising you have to sneeze or go to the bathroom to pee right?) However, to avoid getting hungry during practice, grab something light such as fruit, or an energy bar and consume it one hour before you start.

Yoga is an exercise that does not require sports equipment or anything extravagant. It’s about you, your mind & the mat. It can be practiced virtually anywhere by people of all ages, shapes & sizes. It is advisable to practice in a quiet, clean and well ventilated place. A mat, blanket, or towel could be used to provide support or give comfort when doing lying or seated positions. Loose or stretchy clothing is important to give freedom to your body and not restrict any movement.

Similar to regular exercise, start with simple, easy poses to familiarize your body and prepare it for much difficult exercises later. Do not strain yourself. If there is any pain or fatigue, give yourself a break. Yoga is all about you, your pace, your practice. Try relaxing in between difficult exercises to give your body a rest. Yoga sessions can be done first thing in the morning to rejuvenate the mind and body. It is best done daily. Even as little as 15 minutes of practice and 15 minutes of breathing can contribute benefits.

Yoga session can be broken down to warm up exercises, standing poses, sitting poses, twists, spine and prone poses, inverted and balance poses, backbends and finishing poses.

More information can be obtained online or by joining a yoga studio. However it is important to keep in mind that the most important thing is the desire to expand self awareness and the attitude of persevering.

Holistic Body & Beauty

Quick Tips For Fresh Glowing Skin

Who doesn’t like fresh glowing skin? You can tell healthy glowing skin when it is, clean, clear and free of blemishes. Healthy skin has its own natural glow, and we can achieve this easily when we give ourselves some extra TLC.

Your first step towards glowing skin is having clean skin. Your skin is made up of many layers, the pores on these layers can become blocked which will result in blemishes or pigmentation and even premature ageing. It is a good idea to steam your skin about once a week. This will unblock your pores, allow your skin to breathe, and rid your skin of the dirt found in the deeper layers. Facial saunas are available from most chemists, but it is just as easy to do over a bowl with boiling water and a towel (do be careful.) You should do this for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Combinational/Normal Skin;
If you have combinational/normal skin a few drops of rosemary or lavender extract within the facial sauna water will be perfect. This works as a conditioner for ordinary skin and will help unblock your pores.
Oily/Greasy Skin;
If you have oily/greasy skin, a few drops of lemon and peppermint can be used within your facial sauna. This works wonders for replenishing and cleansing the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.
Dry/Itchy Skin;
If you have dry/itchy skin a few drops of chamomile will be perfect.
Steaming your face no more than once a week will help you achieve that healthy glowing skin. After a facial sauna, an exfoliating cleanser should then be applied to scrub away particles and dead skin cells. Close the pores of your skin with the splash of cold water, this will give your skin a healthy glow. You can then apply a moisturiser.

Another great tip for great glowing skin is giving your skin therapeutic massages after you have washed it. You should use light and round motions, do this for about a minute. Always be sure to apply cream to your skin before you go to bed. The next morning you should follow this up by washing your face once again. And always apply face-cream before you apply your makeup. There are different types for every skin type, oily and dry, medium.

If you follow this routine your face will show it. Hydrating your skin properly is important so you need to drink enough water throughout the day. Sleeping enough also keeps your skin healthy. Eating a nutritious diet and avoiding excessive amounts of unhealthy processed food is also vital. Eat enough wholesome foods, like vegetables and fruits.

There you have it quick and easy tips for fresh glowing skin. Enjoy!