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The Sacred Art of Journaling

Journal writing is a powerful and sacred self-improvement tool. When one picks up a pen to do journal writing, what is written on the page comes straight from the mind and heart without being tampered with. There is nothing like seeing your words come to life on a page. When you do journaling, you get a realistic view of what really lies within you, what your thoughts are and how you feel.

I believe everyone should have a safe place to express themselves without judgement or ridicule and journaling is the perfect way to do so. Within a private journal, you have a trusted confidante. It is up to you to keep the journal in a safe place.

Journaling can be fun and you can express your creativity and individuality by selecting the perfect journal for you. It does not have to fancy or expensive, just one that feels good for you. The right journal should speak out to you and you will know it when you see it. The design and texture of the journal should not only reflect who you are but also should give you immense pleasure when holding it and in return writing in it. This makes a big difference in how often you will use it. For it to be effective, you do have to use it regularly.

The act of writing your thoughts down on paper, gives them legitimacy. It is a great time to really get to know yourself and take your hopes, dreams, and wants seriously. Journaling has been known to heal broken hearts, help with bereavements, achieve goals, and has been a great source of strength for people undergoing certain changes. You do not have to feel obligated to write every day, but it is a good idea to try even if it is just a short paragraph or two.

Why not get started on your journaling journey today by starting a journal of your own. Do you journal already? If so how often and how has journaling helped you thus far? I would love to hear your journey.

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